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My MG Profile FAQ

  • MG Profile +

    My MG Profile

    This form is your contact and user information. Use it to change your address, phone, email address, username and password when necessary.

  • County +

    Primary County in which I volunteer

    You should select the main county in which you volunteer if it is different from your county of residence. For most of you, they are one and the same.

  • MG Group +

    Master Gardener Group or Chapter

    Master Gardeners in Missouri are organized into Chapters with distinct names. These sometimes span several counties. The new reporting system categorizes most of its records by MG Group or chapter. It is important that this field is correct. If your Chapter/Group is not on the drop down menu, please contact Tech Support and let us know so we can add it to the list.

  • Status Level +

    MG Status Level

    This is another new feature in the new reporting system. Status Level can be: Active, Inactive, Pending, Trainee, Intern, Emeritus or Mentor. Active will fit most Master Gardeners who are already in the system. But if your status should be different, you should contact your Group coordinator who can change it for you.

    • Trainees are new Master Gardeners in training.
    • Interns have completed their training and are working on their first year's requirements.
    • Emeritus is awarded after 10 years of active, volunteer service.
    • Pending is a temporary status for new accounts only.
    • Mentor is a new, special designation.
  • Certified +

    Certification Status

    Whether "Certified?" is checked depends upon whether initial training and the internship period have been completed.

  • Access +

    Access to the System

    If you are here looking at this form, you have access and this box will be checked by default.

  • ? +

    ? Next to many of the fields

    Clicking this icon will produce a "tool tip" which will explain something about the field it represents. Helpful tip.

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