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MG Hours List FAQ

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How do I change something on a record?

To edit a record, click the number in the "ID" column which corresponds to the record you wish to edit. This will open that record for editing. Make your changes then click the "Update Record" button to save those changes. Click "Back" when you are done. Notice you can also add a new record or copy the existing record from this form as well.

What does the "Group By" button do?

The "Group By" button allow you to group your records according to several different criteria, for example by Year, Month/Year, Project Name, Category and more. Click the "Group By" button, select how you wish to group the records and click, "OK." The report will regenerate with the records organized according to the group you selected.

What does the "Summary" button do?

Once you have your report organized into a Group (for example, Month/Year) you can use the Summary button to produce a NEW grid with a totals columns for hours and contacts for each group created in the main report. You'll have to try it to see what we mean.

What is the "XLS" button?

You can export any reports you generate, whether they are filtered, grouped and/or summarized into a spreadsheet document which can be opened by most major spreadsheet software vendors, including Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Sun's Open Office or Apple's Numbers. The document format is ".xls".

How can I print my Hours List?

Click the "Print" button after you've generated the report you wish to save by printing a hard copy. Apply your filters, groups and summarize if desired. The Print option allows you to choose the whole report or just the page and also you can print in full color or black and white, to save ink.

View/Edit Existing Records Video

This video demonstrates how to View and Edit Existing MG records. It also shows how to run various kinds of reports and export them to Excel or Print. It is 5:58 minutes long.