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MG Group List FAQ

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My Master Gardener Group (Chapter)

The MG Group List is a report of all the Master Gardeners who have accounts in this system and who are members of the same group or chapter as you.

Using the Quick search Feature

The Quick search field allows you to search for a single Master Gardener (by first and/or last name) or use it to find those in a city or by zip code. The Quick search field won't search by county, though. Type in your search criteria (say the first few letters of the last name) and click the magnifying glass icon right under the search input field.

To reset the Quick search field, delete any content in it and click the magnifying glass icon again.

Using the Advanced Search Feature

The Advanced Search button will open up a new form with some additional search criteria which can be used to filter this report. Use this search function to find an MG using a drop down list. You can also search by MG Status or Certification.

To reset the Advanced Search criteria, while looking at your report results, click the "Advanced Search" button once again, and on the Search criteria form click the "Clear" button and then "Run Report."

What is the Group By button?

This report is first generated as a simple list ordered by User ID number. But the list can be organized into groups. It can be grouped by county, MG Status (Active, Inactive, Emeritus, etc.) and by whether the MG is Certified or not.

Can this list be sorted differently?

The list can be sorted by any of the main columns by clicking the "UP/DOWN" arrows in the column heading.

What is the "XLS" button?

The report can be exported to a spreadsheet software program such as Microsoft Excel by clicking the "XLS" button.

Can I print this list?

To print the report, add your filters and search criteria, group your records if desired then click the "Print" button to produce a printer-friendly verion of the report which can be produced in color or black and white, all report pages or just the current one.

I need to print just one Master Gardener's profile from my group.

To see a detail record of any Master Gardener on the list, click the magnifying glass icon which corresponds to the MG (in the first column of that MG's row.) The resulting form can be printed, too.