February 3, 2017

Recent updates and/or bug fixes:

  • "First Year" in the program and "Year Joined" your chapter are now part of your MG Profile. You can update these fields if you like or your Coordinator requests you to do so.
  • "Classification" is now used to indicate your progress level in the MO MG program, for example, "Active (Certified)", "Emeritus", "Trainee", etc.
  • "Status" is used to indicate your current involvement, for example "Active", "Inactive", "Closed", etc.
  • We encourage you to add your address and other contact information to your profile. You have the option to hide your contact information from other Master Gardeners in your group if you desire.
  • There have been other, minor improvements as well.

The menu for the Master Gardener is accessible by clicking the green menu icon above. Or use the menu below.

Use the Get Help menu item for answers to common questions regarding using the system. Or send a query to Technical Support.

Major Security Improvements Made

We've been busy listening and responding your your bug reports and suggestions for an improved interface. We hope the experience reporting your hours is improved.

Once submitted, your volunteer hours reports are accessible to county- and state-level Extension personnel and can be used in reports of program progress and statistical record-keeping for Extension on a state and national level.

Recent changes for the Master Gardener include:

  • Option to remove your name and contact information from the Group report to hide it from others in your chapter.
  • Your Classification based upon the official Rules & Guidelines of the Missouri Master Gardener Program
  • Your current status or involvement in the program
  • Added search/filter features to the Hours Report Grid

Guided Tour Video


For Master Gardeners

This video gives a tour of the new reporting system and goes into detail about how to navigate to and fill out the volunteer hours report form. It's about 15 minutes long.

Work In Progress

We would like to hear from you if you have a suggestion or idea for improving this website/application.

Contact the Developer

Recent Improvements

  • New Registration Forms
  • Forgotten Username/Password Recovery Form
  • Video Tour for Master Gardeners
  • Video Tour for County Admins
  • Additional Tutorial Videos
  • Added Report Features for Admins
  • FAQ Sections for MGs
  • FAQ Sections for Admins