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Annual Minimum Volunteer Requirements

According to the documentation at Missouri Master Gardener Program Policies and Procedures (emphasis added):

"Master Gardener trainees are expected to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours.  Local Master Gardener coordinators have the prerogative to require more than the minimum and need to be consulted. Most trainees find this volunteer component rewarding, and sometimes even more educational than time spent in the classroom. Trainees have one year to complete their initial volunteer service."

"Active Master Gardeners are required to complete six hours of continuing education yearly. The nature of what may be counted as continuing education will be at the discretion of the local or regional program coordinator or the Master Gardener Leadership Team. The basic guideline is that continuing education should augment and reinforce the Master Gardener core course training."

"To maintain active status, a Missouri Master Gardener must provide at least 20 hours of volunteer service each year."

Please note that some chapters require more than the above, minimum requirements. Contact your chapter's Extension advisor for more information.

Guided Tour Video


For Master Gardeners

This video gives a tour of the new reporting system and goes into detail about how to navigate to and fill out the volunteer hours report form. It's about 15 minutes long.

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