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Also, be sure and watch the Tutorial Videos which have been produced to demonstrate features and functions of the reporting system.

MG Hours Report Video

This video demonstrates how to fill out this report. It is 5:32 minutes long.

View/Edit Existing Records Video

This video demonstrates how to View and Edit Existing MG records. It also shows how to run various kinds of reports and export them to Excel or Print. It is 5:58 minutes long.

Guided Tour Video


For Master Gardeners

This video gives a tour of the new reporting system and goes into detail about how to navigate to and fill out the volunteer hours report form. It's about 15 minutes long.

Work In Progress

We would like to hear from you if you have a suggestion or idea for improving this website/application.

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Recent Improvements

  • New Registration Forms
  • Forgotten Username/Password Recovery Form
  • Video Tour for Master Gardeners
  • Video Tour for County Admins
  • Additional Tutorial Videos
  • Added Report Features for Admins
  • FAQ Sections for MGs
  • FAQ Sections for Admins