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Hours Report FAQ - Admin

  • What is the Category field? +

    This is a list of projects or programs which are specific to your MG Chapter. This list will only appear on this form if the chapter program coordinator has added some items to it, for example, a list of Demo Gardens which are approved for volunteer hours. Otherwise, it will be blank and can be skipped when filling out the form.
  • Why is the Category drop down menu empty? +

    This list will only be populated if the chapter program coordinator has added some items to it. For many Master Gardeners, these will not apply to reporting and so are not part of the report form. This option has been created for larger MG programs with specific reporting needs. So if there no items in this drop down menu, don't worry. It's one less thing to have to fill out.
  • What is the Location field? +

    Similar to Category except these will be Locations which are specific to your MG chapter program. Again, for many of chapters, this drop down menu will be empty. (See the "Category" FAQ.)
  • Why are the hours fields sometimes gone? +

    The fields to put hours are dependent upon the Projects you choose. For example, if you choose, "Continuing Education (This is toward the 6 hour annual requirement)" then the only fields which can accept a number will be the "CE Hours" field and the "Vol Hours" field. Most projects selected will allow for hours in the "Vol Hours" field only. If "Master Gardener Meetings" is selected, then hours can be submitted into both the "CE Hours" AND "Vol Hours" fields as most Master Gardener Meetings are part education (CE Hours), part business meeting (Vol Hours.)
  • How do I add Contacts to my record? +

    Contacts are added through a new "Contacts Demographics" form which only appears AFTER you've inserted the hours record. Fill out the hours form, click "Insert Record" then add contacts through the "Contact Demographics" form at the bottom of the form.
  • Why so many racial and ethnic categories in the Contacts form? +

    The Contact Demographics form was redesigned to synchronize with what is reported from the state to the federal level. It does require more thought and input when you need to report contacts.
  • Why can't we just add Total Contacts? +

    The Contacts form has been updated to provide relevant demographic information so that it can be properly reported at the state and national level.The "Total Contacts" field is populated automatically when you fill in other contact fields in the various categories below it. The "Total Contacts" is then displayed on your hours reports and summaries.
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