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This is the home page for the University of Missouri Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Reporting and Record Keeping System (VRS.)

  •  Missouri Master Gardeners must have an account in order to use this system. To create an account, fill out the on line Registration Form.  Once you've created an account, you can log in to the system and start recording your hours.
  •  Master Gardeners who assist in managing their MG Chapter need to have County Admin Access. If that's you, fill out the Admin Registration Request form and we'll change your permissions or send you instructions to create a new Admin account.
  •  MU Extension Staff involved in the Master Gardener program can also create an account to monitor active MG progress and make reports as needed. To set up an account, fill out an Admin Registration Request form. You will be emailed instructions about what to do next.
  •  If you have an account, you can log in by clicking the  Log In menu item above.

So...What's New?

The next time you login to the Volunteer Reporting System, you'll be asked to agree to a new Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Security and Interface Improvements

We've added password encryption and complexity standards so your data is more secure. We've also improved the Hours Report Form to make adding Contact Demographics numbers easier and more intutitive. And, we've added a "Year Select" form before you run a report of your hours records instead of after, saving a step.


Guided Tour Video


For Master Gardeners

This video gives a tour of the new reporting system and goes into detail about how to navigate to and fill out the volunteer hours report form. It's about 15 minutes long.

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